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Business areas

InnoVision Deutschland GmbH supplies the medical device market with high-quality ophthalmological medical devices. In this way we ensure access to comfortable and safe contact lenses, contact lens care products and eye drops.

In addition, InnoVision is active in wholesale and foreign trade. We can specifically support companies and brands in exporting their products to South Korea. Thanks to our knowledge of the market, we can support the official registration, translation and marketing of German and European branded goods.

South Korea is the tenth largest economy in the world. South Korea is therefore an attractive market where there is also increasing demand for products from Germany and Europe. Our trading activities include the product groups: FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), cosmetic and hygiene products with health claims, dietary supplements (NEM), functional foods with health claims. If you are a manufacturer of high-quality products and would like to export your products to South Korea, please contact us.

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