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Our brand overview

LIEBEVUE® and Elena Bellucci® are registered trademarks of InnoVision Deutschland GmbH.

Elena Bellucci® 



Elena Bellucci

by InnoVision Deutschland GmbH

Elena Bellucci is the luxurious Eye Beauty brand for eye care beauty products.

We offer the following products under the Elena Bellucci brand:

  • Colored Contact Lenses (Only Beauty Effect Contact Lenses)

  • Artificial eyelashes

  • Eyelash glue for artificial eyelashes

Elena Bellucci brand colored contact lenses are available with power and without power from 0.00D to -10.00D.



by InnoVision Deutschland GmbH

The LIEBEVUE brand, our brand exclusively for contact lenses and contact lens care products. LIEBEVUE stands for high-quality contact lenses purely for everyday use and unusual color patterns perfectly suited for unusual costumes or perfect cosplays.

We offer the following types of contact lenses under the LIEBEVUE brand:

  • LIEBEVUE 38 (hydrogel contact lenses to correct myopia)

  • LIEBEVUE Colors Beauty Effect Line (natural looking colored contact lenses)

  • LIEBEVUE Colors Funky Lenses / motif lenses (cosplay, carnival or Halloween).


LIEBEVUE brand colored contact lenses are available with power and without power from 0.00 D to -10.00 D.

Our brand philosophy

InnoVision Deutschland GmbH - Holling

Michael Holling

Marketing Manager

When developing the LIEBEVUE Colors contact lenses, the focus was on 3 characteristics from the very beginning: 1. Maximum wearing comfort, 2. Breathtaking beauty 3. Maximum safety. We don't compromise on any of the three features. From our point of view, these 3 characteristics are the most important criteria for high-quality colored contact lenses. The idea and the constant further development of the colored contact lenses are based on the knowledge of optometry and the knowledge of the complex physiology of the eye. InnoVision only offers high-quality colored contact lenses made of hydrogel material, which has an optimal water content and protects the functions of the tear film in the best possible way.

Beauty is how you feel inside and it is reflected in your eyes.

Sophia Loren


Value 01.

wearing comfort

Our contact lenses are designed with methodology to provide exceptional comfort! The LIEBEVUE and Elena Bellucci contact lenses have a special, aspherically shaped back of the contact lens. In addition, the edges of the contact lens are slightly inclined upwards to ensure the tear circulation in the eye is as unhindered as possible. By protecting the tear film functions, the oxygen supply to the cornea is also ensured. The cells of the cornea get their oxygen exclusively from the tear film, as they do not have any blood vessels themselves.

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