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Innovation and Technology

Our innovative technologies

Das patentierte Produktionsverfahren von InnoVision garantiert farbige Kontaktlinsen mit höchster Qualität und Sicherheit.


Patented production processes for the highest quality

Our soft InnoVision color contact lenses are manufactured using the patented “Pigment Outside Inlay Method” (P.O.I.M.). This special method incorporates the dyes into the material of the contact lenses. This achieves the same contact lens strength and surface structure that otherwise only clear, colorless contact lenses have. And that without sacrificing quality. The result: long-lasting comfort combined with long-lasting colors and patterns.

Medical benefits



Your eyes are exposed to harmful UV radiation every day. This can cause long-term damage to your eyes. Contact lenses from InnoVision Germany (made from Trafilcon A, 43% water content) contain a UV blocker that provides preventive protection for the eyes.

Die farbigen Kontaktlinsen der Marken LIEBEVUE und Elena Bellucci haben eine UV Schutz Funktion.
LIEBEVUE und Elena Bellucci Multifunktionslösung zur Pflege für weiche Kontaktlinsen.


Hygiene and cleaning

With daily use, particles and tear fluid residue can build up on contact lenses. InnoVision uses the non-ionic material Tetrafilcon A with an optimized water content as the material for the colored contact lenses. The non-ionic surface structure allows dirt to be removed from the contact lenses more effectively. This improves hygiene and prevents eye irritation.


Improved tear circulation and oxygen supply

The aspherical shape of our lenses with a slightly raised edge allows the lens to be optimally adapted to the curvature of the cornea. This allows the tear fluid to circulate optimally and supply the eye with oxygen and moisture.

Die LIEBEVUE und Elena Bellucci Kontaktlinsen schützen die Tränenzirkulation und Sauerstoffversorgung.
Scharfe Sicht mit LIEBEVUE und Elena Bellucci Kontaktlinsen durch asphärisches Design.


Razor-sharp vision

The special aspherical shape of our soft contact lenses reduces so-called spherical aberrations.

This ensures high visual acuity even when correcting major ametropia with lenses of higher diopter and improves visual contrast in poor and difficult lighting conditions with all colored lenses.

Experience excellent vision with our contact lenses


Clinical studies

Clinical studies confirm the long-lasting wearing comfort of our products. In order to continually improve our contact lenses, we cooperate with various scientific institutes. Extensive market research and feedback from our customers guarantee high quality standards and satisfied contact lens wearers.

Klinische Studien bestätigen den Tragekomfort der LIEBEVUE und Elena Bellucci Kontaktlinsen.
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