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2020 -2021 trend : Mouth and nose covering and focus on eye beauty


Corona Pandemic - Face mask as a daily accessory

Due to the corona pandemic, medical face masks have to be worn on public transport and in many shops and supermarkets to protect against infection from the corona virus.

This gives the eyes a special role. The eye area is the visible part of the face that is visible despite wearing the face mask. With colored contact lenses you can achieve a wow effect despite the face mask and set colored beauty accents.

Digitization - online shopping

The corona pandemic has also accelerated digitization. In addition to working from home, online shopping has also continued to increase in popularity among consumers. You can conveniently buy colored LIEBEVUE® and Elena Bellucci® contact lenses online. You can also conveniently buy the colored contact lenses from our Eye Beauty brand Elena Bellucci® online at

Fascinatingly beautiful eyes - with the colored contact lenses from InnoVision

Fascinatingly beautiful eyes - with the colored contact lenses from InnoVision

It doesn't matter whether you want to accentuate your eye color a little more or beautify it with a different colour: InnoVision offers you high-quality contact lenses with exciting color patterns that impress with their natural appearance. And your counterpart will also be fascinated by how our quality lenses make you shine.

So that you can enjoy your contact lenses for a long time

Care and hygiene are particularly important with contact lenses. So that no particles or residues of the tear fluid are deposited, we have developed special care products that are perfectly tailored to our InnoVision contact lenses. This makes cleaning and handling child's play.


InnoVision contact lenses protect your eyes from drying out

With our lenses, your eyes will feel fresh all day long. The aspherical design of the contact lenses ensures ideal tear circulation and maintains the eye's moisture film. At the same time, the optimized water content of our high-performance materials protects the eyes from drying out.

Eye care - cosmetics

With our decorative cosmetics and eye care, we set ourselves the highest quality standards. Our goal is the development of innovative, comfortable and high-quality beauty and care products through the use of the latest technologies. For us, the focus is on people and their individual beauty. So that you really feel good.

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