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Finden Sie hier die Antwort auf Ihre Fragen zu farbigen Kontaktlinsen. Welche farbigen Kontaktlinsen sind gut geeignet für dunkle Augen? Welches ist das richtige Pflegemittel für Kontakltinsen? Klicken Sie einfach auf die Frage in dem FAQ Bereich. Hier finden Sie Rat. Was muss ich beim Tragen von farbigen Kontaktlinsen beachten? Wo kann ich farbige Kontaktlinsen online kaufen? 

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • When was InnoVision Deutschland GmbH founded?
    InnoVision Germany GmbH was founded in 2014.
  • What products does InnoVision Deutschland GmbH offer?
    We focus on eye beauty products. Soft contact lenses to correct myopia prescription and non-prescription colored contact lenses artificial eyelashes & eyelash glue Contact Lens Care Products for soft contact lenses that is compatible with the soft contact lenses from InnoVision Deutschland GmbH Eye drops for dry eyes
  • Which contact lens multifunctional solution should you use?
    There are a large number of different contact lens multifunctional solutions for cleaning, disinfecting and storing contact lenses on the market. The multifunctional solutions of the different manufacturers have different functional composition. The ingredients may change the shape or size of the soft contact lenses. The contact lens then no longer fits as well and the wearing comfort is reduced. You should therefore always use the multifunction solution recommended in the instructions for use. This guarantees that the contact lens has the right shape and size and offers you a high level of comfort.
  • Which values are important for contact lenses?
    D / dpt = strength / visual acuity / diopter value / power in diopters BC = base curve in mm DIA = diameter / diameter in mm
  • Which colored contact lenses are good for dark eyes?
    The Elena Bellucci® Fantasy II Series and Fantasy IV Series Colored Contact Lenses are well suited for dark eyes. They are very popular with users with brown or dark brown eyes. You can conveniently buy the colored Elena Bellucci® contact lenses online in our online shop at
  • When can you not wear contact lenses?
    If you have an eye disease, inflammation or injury, you must not wear contact lenses.
  • Kann die Kontaktlinse hinter das Auge rutschen?
    A contact lens cannot slip behind the eye because the eyeball and eyelid are connected by the conjunctiva. The most that can happen is that the contact lens slips under the eyelid. In this case, you should wash your hands immediately and press your eyelid up and retrieve the contact lens with a finger of the other hand.
  • Can you see well with colored contact lenses?
    You can generally see well with colored contact lenses. With colored contact lenses, only the area that covers the iris of the eye is usually colored. A round circular area in the center of the colored contact lens is not colored. This circular area is the transparent field of view and overlies the area of the eye's pupil. Special effect contact lenses are colored contact lenses in which the area in the pupil's field of vision is also partially colored. LIEBEUVE Colors models are White Mesh and Robot Eye. With these contact lenses, vision is restricted.
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